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Dominican celebrates Founders Day and the 150th Anniversary Kick Off

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On November 5, 2010 Dominican High School celebrated Founders Day and the 150th Anniversary Kick Off, marking the beginning of an 18-month celebration of Dominican’s sesquicentennial year. 

Beginning with a Founders Day Mass, the Dominican High School community and special guests celebrated this milestone together.  Seven Dominican students portrayed the seven founders who arrived in New Orleans from Cabra, Ireland exactly 150 years ago. 

Sister Margaret Ormond, O.P., Prioress of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, addressed the school community about the commitment to the Holy Preaching.  Students enjoyed the tradition of Founders Day cake at lunchtime, and the entire school community enjoyed afternoon performances by the DHS Color Guard, Debs, Cheerleaders, Choir and Band.

Sr. Therese Leckert, O.P., General Councilor of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, writes:

Dear Friends,

In the name of the Prioress and General Council of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, I want to congratulate St. Mary’s Dominican High School as it celebrates 150 years of Dominican Catholic education in New Orleans.

The theme for the Sesquicentennial: “A Legacy through Generations . . . An Eternity of Truth” is an expression of the strong bonds among those who have been part of the Dominican High School Family over the past 150 years. My own experience at DHS as a teacher, working in the Christian Life Office, serving on the Board of Directors, committees, and as a Corporation Member spans most of my years as a St. Mary’s Dominican Sister. All my connections with DHS confirmed for me that the torch of Truth, ignited by St. Dominic de Guzman in the thirteenth century, continues to shine brightly at DHS. The motto “Veritas” has been and is a hallmark of Dominican Catholic education for thousands of young women who have been and are students at DHS.

When in April 2009 we, former St. Mary’s Dominican Sisters, united with six other congregations of Dominican Sisters to form the Dominican Sisters of Peace, we were proud to bring with us the ministry our sisters founded 150 years ago, St. Mary’s Dominican High School. The Dominican Sisters of Peace, with more than 600 sisters, sponsor three colleges and four high schools, including our beloved DHS. The corporate structure of DHS provides ongoing governance and guidance from the Congregation and the Congregation’s Founded Ministries Board Liaison promotes the mission of the Dominican Sisters of Peace as she represents the Prioress on the Board of Directors. We are grateful for the outstanding leadership, administrators, staff and faculty at St. Mary’s Dominican High School who exemplify and promote Dominican values and traditions.

As we celebrate this happy occasion, I invite you to strengthen your relationship to the Dominican Sisters of Peace through your investment and involvement with DHS. I pray that you who are part of the Dominican High School family will join with us, Dominican Sisters of Peace, in living the words from the Prologue of our Constitutions:

We are sent by God to be the Holy Preaching,as we praise, we bless, and we preach the liberating truth of the Gospel of Jesus and labor with God for the transformation of all creation. To this mission we bring our diverse gifts, our wisdom and our vision, inspired by the words of Isaiah: “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those who announce peace and bring good news.”

We thank God for all the ways the Dominican High School community has put flesh on the words of its mission statement:

“With Jesus at the center, the Dominican community preaches the Word, radiates joy, promotes justice, seeks Truth, manifests Catholic values, and ministers to others.” Let us build on the sturdy foundation of prayer, study, community and service laid by our Irish founders 150 years ago and continue to carry the torch of Truth as we face the challenges of the next 150 years.

Lovingly in the Peace of Christ,

Sr. Therese Leckert, O.P.

General Councilor, Dominican Sisters of Peace

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