St. Mary's Dominican High School

Mission & Philosophy

Sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Peace, Dominican High School fosters the growth of each individual’s spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical qualities through the education of the whole person. As a Catholic school, Dominican’s primary goal is to instill in each student a knowledge of moral values while promoting the practice of ethical behavior based on these values. Dominican believes that actions should reflect a belief in God and a respect for the dignity of all God’s creation.

As a college-preparatory school, Dominican provides an atmosphere for intellectual growth and promotes learning as a life-long process. The school endorses a curriculum which stresses exposure to various disciplines, encourages academic excellence, and prepares the student to develop leadership roles in a global society.

Dominican acknowledges that parents are the primary educators who share with the school the responsibility for their daughter’s education. Furthermore, the school recognizes that the student has the responsibility to embrace the learning opportunities offered. Dominican believes that the teacher’s role is to facilitate learning by challenging each student to reach her potential.

Believing that individual fulfillment lies in dedication to Truth, Dominican affirms its commitment to its motto, VERITAS.

St. Mary’s Dominican High School, sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Peace, is a Catholic college-preparatory program for young women rooted in the tradition of prayer, study, community, and service.  With Jesus at the center, the Dominican community preaches the Word, radiates joy, advocates peace, promotes justice, seeks Truth, manifests Catholic values, and ministers to others.

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