St. Mary's Dominican High School

2013-14 Electives Offered

For the 2013-14 school year, the following electives were offered:

One Credit Electives Half Credit Electives
Anatomy & Human Physiology Creative Writing
Art I, II, III, IV Law Studies
Biology II Beginning Band I, II
Chemistry II A.P. Intermediate Band I, II
Earth Science Advanced Band I
French I, II, III Beginning Choir I, II
French IV A.P. Intermediate Choir I, II
Spanish I, II, III Advanced Choir I
Spanish IV A.P. Multi Media Productions
Latin I, II, III Psychology
Physics Women Writers
Publications I, II (Newspaper)
Publications I, IIĀ (Yearbook)
World Geography
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As an educational leader in New Orleans since 1860, St. Mary's Dominican High School weaves together Prayer, Study, Community, and Service, offering each student an opportunity to live Gospel values throughout her life.

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