St. Mary's Dominican High School

2016-17 Electives Offered

For the 2016-17 school year, the following electives were offered:

One Credit Electives Half Credit Electives
Advanced Math II (Dual Enrollment) Band I, II (Beginning)
Anatomy & Physiology (Honors Available) Band I, II (Intermediate)
Art I, II, III (II, III Honors Available) Band I (Advanced)
Biology II (Honors Available) Choir I, II (Beginning)
Calculus (Honors and AP available) Choir I, II (Intermediate)
Chemistry II AP Choir I (Advanced)
Earth Science Creative Writing
French I, II, III (Honors Available) Law Studies
French IV AP Multimedia Productions
Greek I Honors Psychology
Latin I, II, III (Honors Only) Women Writers
Latin IV AP
Physics (Honors Available)
Psychology Honors or AP
Publications I, II (Newspaper)
Publications I, II (Yearbook)
Spanish I, II, III
Spanish IV AP
World Geography
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