St. Mary's Dominican High School

Parents’ Club

Prayer to Blessed Jane d’Aza, Patroness of the Dominican Parents’ Club

Blessed Jane, as a parent, you nurtured and cared for your children with great love and attention to their physical and spiritual growth. You spent your days seeking out and helping the poor and needy with your children at your side. Give us your generosity and inner-strength. Help us, like you, to guide our children to live lives that are rooted in the Gospel and spent in loving care of others. We ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

2016 – 2017 St. Mary’s Dominican High School Parents’ Club Executive Board

President: Jeanne Schaumburg

Vice-Presidents (Moms): Liz Licata and Tina Messina

Vice-Presidents (Dads): Roger Duckworth and Rick Monzon

Recording Secretary: Ethel Madden

Corresponding Secretary: Christine Dusang

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Dad’s Club


The Parents’ Club is comprised of numerous committees who rely on parents to fill volunteer roles. Please contact the committee chair if you would like to volunteer in any capacity.

Scheduled Activities and Committee Chairs for 2016 – 2017 include:

Alumnae Liaison – Madeleine Palmer

CCSCC – Fern Carr

Grandparents’ Day – Anne Babin

Mother/Daughter – Tiffany Cazabon and Marcelle Perez

Open House – Dina Zelden

Parents in Prayer – Vacant

Personnel Luncheon – Liz Licata and Tina Messina

12th Grade Rep – Angelle Nash

11th Grade Rep – Richelle Dinwiddie

10th Grade Rep – Denette Young

9th Grade Rep – Neille Kelly

8th Grade Rep – Jennifer Horridge

Member at Large – Chenae Watermeier

Member at Large – Kelly Bogart

Member at Large – Joann Haydel

Member at Large – Christine Bertucci

Member at Large – Anne Raymond

Golf Tournament – Michael Babin and Don Faust

Tennis Tournament – Angelle Nash and Jennifer Collins

The Purpose of St. Mary’s Dominican High School Parents’ Club shall be:

• To cooperate with St. Mary’s Dominican High School in promoting those activities intended for the welfare of the students, including fundraising for the benefit of the school and the students, limited donations to approved non-profit charities, and the advancement of the school;

1. To offer, through well-planned programs, information of particular interest to parents and guardians;

2. To encourage Dominican Catholic values and foster family life.

Parents or guardians of students currently enrolled in St. Mary’s Dominican High School comprise the membership.

The Parents Club’ is a member of the Archdiocese of New Orleans Council of Catholic School Co-operative Clubs (CCSCC.)

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