Dominican-themed Muses Shoe

When Muses rolls tonight, it will be the seventh time Michele LaFrance Detillier ’86 rides in the all-women’s parade. The first time Detillier created a dozen shoes. Her signature shoe throws for 2014 total 20 shoes. Detillier will ride on the Sirens Float, one of three signature floats in Muses and the last float that rolls.

“Every year I have different themes for my shoes. I have LSU, New Orleans restaurants, the Saints. I also have a design for Napa Valley wineries, because I have friends from Napa who visit for Mardi Gras,” says Detillier. “Recently I had lunch with Dr. Thomas and thought it would be great to have a Dominican shoe.”

The original, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind Dominican shoe is adorned with images taken from the school website: the Veritas Shield, Terrance Osborne commission print of the school’s facade, black and white plaid uniform skirt pattern, saddle oxford shoe and the fountain.

For Detillier there is no greater thrill than handing her signature shoe to a stranger among the sea of people who are along the parade route. “It is such a wonderful experience. Everyone is having such a great time. You spot someone in the crowd and give them your shoe. Their response is priceless. You would think that I gave them a million dollars.”