NASA Field Trip

Math, science and engineering were top of mind for St. Mary’s Dominican High School students during the NASA Stennis field trip for GEMS: Girls Excited about Math and Science. The students met 13-year-old Alyssa Carson who at the age of three knew she wanted to be an astronaut and travel to Mars. Carson has completed all NASA Space Camps across the U.S. and abroad. The students also met engineers, including Amanda Stein and Rebecca Junell who are developing the rockets for the next generation of space travel and representatives from 20 colleges in the region.


Standing left to right are Kristina Plunkett, Jade George, Julia Giacona, Meagan Froeba, Elise Haase, Alyssa Carson, Roxanne Ardekani, Gabby Holmes and Maya Dancisak. Kneeling are Gretchen Gogreve, Logan Clement and Treslyn Davenport.