Box Tops for Education Program


Here’s how it works:


Find Box Tops on hundreds of products.

Use this link for product sheets.

Print the list & check out the many bonuses available in stores now!


Clip Box Tops from each package. May tear or cut; neatness is not a priority but entire boxtop with visible date is necessary!


Send the Box Tops to your school with the container clearly labeled “BOXTOPS”.


Box Tops are each worth 10¢ for your school and many products contain bonus certificates worth $1.50 or more. Checks are mailed to the school twice a year.

Now is the time to get started collecting because many products are offering bonus Boxtops, especially places like SAM’s Club and Wal-Mart, as well as your grocery store. Send Boxtops and Bonus Certificates in before October 27th for fall mailing, and collect year round.

Remember, throwing away actual Box Tops is like throwing away money for your daughter’s school. Don’t trash ’em, save ’em!


*Check out a way to make $7.00 for Dominican just for purchasing 3 participating Boxtops for Education products in a single transaction, in addition to the bonus boxtops earned on these packages:

Go to www.BETRUETOYOURSCHOOL.COM for information!