Ring Mass & Ceremony 2014

Friday, September 5, Dominican Seniors received their senior class rings after much anticipation. This year’s Ring Day was special for Barbara Breaux Koch-Jones ’52. She fulfilled her wish of passing down the legacy of her class ring. Barbara recalls her years at Dominican as, “the best four years of my life.” Because she has neither daughters nor granddaughters to give her ring a to future alum, she wanted to give it to a senior who understands and appreciates the ring’s legacy. Barbara passed her class ring to Eva Schmidt, Class of 2015. Eva has no legacy from which a ring would be passed down. When the time is right, Eva plans to honor Barbara’s request to pass the ring on to another Dominican Senior who will understand the true meaning of such a special gift. Together these two women honored a legacy, bound by their love for Dominican.


Click here for pictures of the Ring Mass, Ceremony and the traditional running through the halls!!!