Exxon Speaker

Guest speaker Paul Paradis (Stillman) with Exxon Mobile conducted experiments during one of Mrs. Crissy Giacona’s biology class. They were studying cellular respiration with a concentration on fermentation reaction. Students conducted a fermentation experiment with yeast. Students filled a balloon with measured portions of sugar, water and yeast. As the reaction occurred, the balloons began to smell like alcohol and increased in size by the release of carbon dioxide, triggered by the yeast. The experiment demonstrated and supported the reaction of fermentation.


Mr. Paradis gave a presentation to the 8th Grade SCIENCE 8 class about acid rain. For their experiment, students took a piece of chalk and dropped vinegar on it. The chalk represented a building and the vinegar represented acid rain. After dropping rain on their “building”, the students observed parts of it crumbling and pits forming. A class discussion followed about ways to address acid rain.


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