Robotics Team Meets Robotic Eel

Robotic Eel

A robotic eel was the center of attention for members of St. Mary’s Dominican High School Robotics Club during a visit to University of New Orleans where they met doctoral candidate Baker Potts and staff engineer Ryan Theil, who are part of the UNO team that built a prototype of the eel, comprised of a series of battery-powered links covered in a water-tight, latex skin. The segments are printed on a 3-D printed that allows for easy adjustments when revisions are needed. The eel is tested in UNO’s 125-foot towing tank in the UNO Engineering Building.

“What stood out above everything else is the amount of teamwork and compromise required by the builders. Although my team is composed of high schoolers, I know we can accomplish so much this season. Seeing this amazing robot was an unforgettable experience I am truly grateful for.” -Maya Dancisak ’15

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