STREAM™ Press Conference Quotes

“St. Mary’s Dominican High School’s commitment to faith, science and the humanities serves as a model for engaging the values of the Gospel while addressing the challenging questions that are posed through these academic areas. We truly believe that faith informs reason and immersion in the humanities enriches life.”

– Dr. Cynthia Thomas, President, St. Mary’s Dominican High School


“If it takes a village to raise a child, it certainly takes many persons committed to the STREAM™ initiative to undertake a project such as the construction of the Science and Technology facility. It takes people who believe in the Dominican values and Catholic identity which is the core of St. Mary’s Dominican High School. It takes people who know that the future leaders in Science and Technology need to be grounded in faith and moral values.”

– Sr. Therese Leckert, O.P., Corporation Member and Leadership Liaison with Founded Ministries, Dominican Sisters of Peace


“Among the several benefits, this will allow our faculty to increase the complexity of science experiments, provide greater opportunities for Dominican to partner with universities by involving visiting professors in the Dominican classroom, provide talent for the BioDistrict growth in New Orleans and attract students who are interested in the synthesis between faith, culture and life.”

– Scott Whittaker, Chairman, Board of Director, St. Mary’s Dominican High School


“This STREAM™ initiative embodies the long held goal of St. Mary’s Dominican to be a ‘Legacy though Generations’ by fostering the pursuit of Truth though curriculum integration enhanced by these new physical facilities.”

– Sr. Maria Ciriello, OP, Ph.D., Founded Ministries Board Liaison, Dominican Sisters of Peace


“I think that the STREAM program and new science wing will give our students many opportunities to think and act like scientists. The new class specific science labs will allow students to conduct innovative, thought provoking, idea inspiring experiments.  By connecting their knowledge across several disciplines through STREAM lessons, students will gain deeper understanding. This will make course content more meaningful to them.”

– Matt Foss, Science Department Chairman