French Exchange

This year marked St. Mary’s Dominican High School’s first French exchange program. Dominican coordinated with Jesuit High School in order to receive 13 students from the Lycee, accompanied by their Exchange Coordinator Dominique Hombourg from Lycee Caousou, a co-ed Jesuit high school in Toulouse, France. Five Dominican students and their families hosted the five female French students. During their two-week New Orleans stay the French students visited various locales, including Honey Island Swamp, World War II Museum, Garden District and French Quarter. The host families introduced them to Saints football parties, LSU tailgating, and their very first Halloween. The students attended Dominican with their hosts for two school days where they participated in Student Council games at lunch and experienced the everyday life of a Dominican student. “Our French visitors were excited to help our students with their class work and projects in French class, and also assisted with notes in biology and religion classes,” said Joan Regard, French Teacher and Freshman Coordinator at Dominican. “It was no surprise that after two weeks they became part of the family for their host students.”

In May, the French exchange program will be completed when Dominican students travel to Toulouse where they will reunite with their French guests.