New Orleans Prayer Written by Junior Emma Vincent

DHS - Emma VincentJunior Emma Vincent, wrote this beautiful prayer about New Orleans. Emma said that when she was writing it, she looked for another New Orleans prayer, but she could not find one. Emma’s poem is featured online in The Clarion Herald.

New Orleans is special, not only because of its enchanting traditions and culture, but also because it’s a historically Catholic city. In New Orleans, we are constantly reminded of God’s permanent presence. Here is my poem about this city:


Hot Gumbo, Jambalaya, and Red Beans on a chilly Mondayinvoke the feeling of your love and passion. Thank you for welcoming us into a warm embrace and savory affection.

Beignets with sweet powdered sugar, that floats in air and sticks to our skin, reminds us of the Holy Spirit that extends from our breath and laughter. Help us use our voice to be joyful and inspire others.

The jubilant parades of Mardi Gras and even spontaneous parades, celebrating everyday occurrences like weddings, funerals, or for almost no reason at all, remind us that God put us on this Earth to exalt. Help us to see God’s work in not only success, but also the the trivial and seemingly tragic.

The bustling variety of the French Quarter implies the extent of your creativity and the uniqueness you instill in us. Bless us with the fullest use of our talents and individuality.

The Southern hospitality offered to all walks of life proves that Jesus lives in everyone. Help us treat our neighbor and stranger as an equal deserving respect.

Lord you work in mysterious ways, but in New Orleans it just takes a little noticing. Thanks for granting us the experiences and opportunities that surround us, even if it is just for a little while. God, we praise you for the blessing of New Orleans, Louisiana!