Student Preachers Visit Motherhouse

On a crisp November afternoon the St. Mary’s Dominican High School Preachers visited the Dominican Sisters of Peace at their Motherhouse in Uptown New Orleans. They attended mass celebrated in the Sisters’ chapel and during their community meal, the Sisters shared their experiences and asked the students about their life as young Dominican preachers. Click here for the photo gallery!



Reflection on the Gospel reading of the talents

by Mylinh Bui ’15

motherhouse_web9Let say there’s one thing that we could change about the first reading. Instead of talking about the worthy wife who entrusts her heart to her husband, we can change it out to you sisters. YOU bring good and not evil into our lives. You obtain wool and flax and work with loving hands. YOU reach your hands out to the poor and to the needy. As Dominican sisters y’all are the ones who give us the best example of how to be a good Dominican. As sisters with so many talents and different gifts you truly make the world a better place. With your knowledge and wisdom you guide us to want to learn more about being a Dominican. One thing that we must remember is that there will always be more for us to learn no matter what. Learning about our vocation to holiness and how we should go about living our lives. Learning how to live the four pillars or prayer, service, community, and study in and outside of school. Learning how to be a disciple of Christ by reaching out to those who are poor in spirit. With learning new things there’s always a tendency to get lazy or tired of trying when everyone else around you is negative. But the one thing that will continue to keep us motivated is your example of genuine love for Christ and the happiness that comes with it. The first reading says that the woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. By being a disciple of Christ there will always be a certain “fear of the Lord.” With fear comes awe and reverence to God’s mission for us. The proper understanding of the fear of the Lord can only be established if we recognize that the Lord really expects much from us. But what the Lord expects isn’t for us to be perfect and never sin in our lives. He actually wants us to be more like you sisters and share the gifts we have been granted with to others. How we respond to God’s call is our own choice. Luckily enough we have chosen to accept God’s grace and be His servants by preaching. Because of your openness to God’s call we have been able to do the same. We intend to plant more seeds on God’s earth by preaching to others and hopefully they will follow our example and do the same. With one seed we are able to build a field of flowers-us as the blooming flowers and you as the initial seed. This has been God’s mission all along to have you sisters as our primary teachers. Unlike the third servant who hid his talents fearing that the Lord was demanding, you sisters accepted your talents and shared them with us. Without your special talents as Dominican sisters, we the student preachers would not be able to unite our school as one Dominican community.