National Honor Society Induction


At St. Mary’s Dominican High School 72 students were inducted into the National Honor Society. Guest speaker was pediatrician, Gabrielle Lambert Glasgow, MD ’00.

Membership into a National Honor Society is based on the four pillars of character, scholarship, leadership and service. Eligibility requirements for membership in Dominican’s chapter are: attending school as a sophomore, junior or senior, maintaining a minimum 3.75 (A) average, demonstrating volunteer or service hours, preserving an excellent record of behavior in and out of school, participating in leadership roles in co-curricular and/or community activities, and a faculty recommendation.

Faculty advisers are Mazie Stewart and Ellen Fihlman. The inductees are (left to right):

Front row: Alyssa DeLattre, Samantha Conway, Elizabeth Champagne, Catherine Cerise, Mary Carr, Melanie Caillouet, Cecilia Bourg, Olivia Berstein, Bailyn Bender, Jennifer Baker, Andrea Altobelli, Katherine Alexander, Madeline Abadie

Second row: Kristina Krizan, Marcelle Kepper, Kamryn Jones, Anna Hinyub, Jailyn Heisser, Kathryn Fasold, Elizabeth Evans, Olivia Edwards, Margaret Duplantier, Elizabeth Duncan, Drew Duncan, Emily Doyle, Mary Catherine DeMatteo

Third row: Maggie Neupert, Abigail Morici, Lindsay Moreau, Anya Montgomery, Laurel Mire, Celeste Mire, Madison Miller, Madison Meyer, Hannah Meyer, Anna Mermilliod, Stephanie Mayer, Erin Malone, Olivia LeBlanc, Lan Le

Fourth row: Kaylan Smith, Jillian Sandoz, Sofia Rodriguez, McKay Resor, Madeline Puente, Kayla Perez, Chizoba Ogbuefi, Bianca Ochoa, Adelia, Obioha, Yarina Novick, Abigail Nix, Lauren Nguyen, Grace Nguyen, Gabrielle Nguyen

Fifth row: Mackenzie Powers, Vy-Evelyn Tran, Meaghan Sheehy, Emily Mayer, Alexandrea Legendre, Yaseen Khan, Kaela Hymel, Senea Diaz, Madison Delery, Mary Zelden, Maria Walter, Elizabeth Thomson, Gabrielle Terranova, Gillian Sudderth, Audrey Stewart, Taylor Stansberry

(Not pictured: Senior Gabrielle Burmaster and sophomore Caitlin Sullivan)