The Anatomy of Digestion

Anatomy and Physiology Honors students in Ms. Anjel Guitroz’s class conducted a lab activity on digestion. Working in pairs, one student listened to the stomach of her partner as she ingested water and a cracker to determine how quickly food enters the stomach. Using a stethoscope, they could hear exactly when the stomach (cardioesophageal) sphincter opened, allowing the partially digested food inside of the stomach.



For their third quarter project, Anatomy & Physiology Honors students of Ms. Anjel Guitroz at St. Mary’s Dominican High School presented, “For Whom the Chyme Flows.” The students, each one with an assigned name and role, acted out the various processes of digestion. Mona Mouth, Calliope Chyme, Stella Stomach, Lindsay Liver, Carina Cardioesophageal Sphincter and others delivered lessons on the flow of chyme – the semifluid mass of partly digested food that is expelled by the stomach into the duodenum and moves through the intestines during digestion.





 Here’s a short clip of a song from one of the presentations!

Anatomy and Physiology Digestion Presentation from St. Mary Dominican High School on Vimeo.