8th Grade Afternoon of Reflection

On Thursday, April 23rd, the Class of 2019 participated in their 8th Grade Afternoon of Reflection. The theme for their retreat was “Gift of Self” focusing on the gift of discovering who they are and presenting themselves as a gift to God and others. The 8th graders, along with their parents, celebrated Mass together with Fr. Stephen Dardis, L.C. Fr. Dardis emphasized Christ’s gift of self in the sacrament of the Eucharist. After lunch, the students gathered in the upstairs chapel for a talk by Mr. Philip Braun introducing them to Theology of the Body, a collection of writings by Pope St. John Paul II on the dignity of the human person. Along with enjoying Mr. Braun’s lively stories, the students were enthralled with hearing a message of God’s love for them and how they can find true fulfillment in sharing the gift of who they with others. To conclude the afternoon, students shared in small groups guided by their 11th and 12th grade Small Group Leaders and decorated boxes representing their own “gift of self”.


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