District Literary Rally

Congratulations to the Dominican students who placed in the District Literary Rally held at Loyola University on Saturday, March 21, 2015:

Advanced Math Functions and Statistics

Hannah Calamusa 2nd {State Qualifier}

Advanced Math Precalculus

Jessica Schaumburg 4th {State Qualifier}

Algebra I

Margaret Latham 1st {State Qualifier}

Camille Scandurro 2nd

Algebra II

Elizabeth Champagne 1st, Overall {State Qualifier}

Madison Miller 3rd

Biology I

Lillian Cerise 3rd {State Qualifier}


Margaret Webb 4th {State Qualifier}


Hannah Meyer 4th {State Qualifier}


Brooke Duplantier 2nd {State Qualifier}

English I

Julia Cazabon 1st, Overall {State Qualifier}

Elise Cresson 4th

English II

Caroline Bickerton 1st, Overall {State Qualifier}

Audrey Buck 2nd

English III

Abigail Morici 1st, Overall {State Qualifier}

Anna Mermilliod 2nd

English IV

O’Brien Alley 4th {State Qualifier}

Fine Art Survey

Jolie Pugh 4th {State Qualifier}

French III

Elizabeth Duncan 2nd {State Qualifier}

French IV

Claire Karcher 3rd


Annie Smith 1st {State Qualifier}

Renee Breaux 5th


Kayla Swanson 1st, Overall {State Qualifier}

Hillary Bosch 2nd

Latin I

Emilie Blais 2nd

Rose Doskey 3rd

Latin II

Allison Breaux 2nd

Emily Doyle 3rd

Physical Science

Anne D’Armond 1st, Overall {State Qualifier}

Patricia Jackson 4th


Rachel Nguyen 2nd {State Qualifier}


Caitlin Gelpi 1st {State Qualifier}

Spanish I

Dina Alawamleh 2nd {State Qualifier}

Spanish II

Victoria Liu 5th {State Qualifier}

Spanish III

Veronica Stevens 4th {State Qualifier}

Sophia Rodriguez 5th

Spanish IV

Amelie Zimmer 5th

US History

Isabelle Torres 2nd {State Qualifier}

World Geography

Isabelle Mermilliod 1st {State Qualifier}

Madelyn Deramus 5th

World History

Catherine Cerise 1st, Overall (tie) {State Qualifier}