Second Harvest Food Drive

Students at St. Mary’s Dominican are participating in the Hogwart’s House Cup, a competition between religion classes to bring in canned goods. Proceeds will benefit Second Harvest Food Drive. Each religion teacher represents a House at Hogwarts. Teachers were able to create their house name and pick the colors incorporated into their house’s shield. An animal protects each house and promotes a true spirit of healthy competition.


  • The House of Unidonn led by Ms. Donnelly is protected by a white unicorn. The colors of the house are silver and pink standing for purity.
  • House of Delgador led by Mrs. Delgado is protected by the dolphin. The orange and red in the crest represent loyalty.
  • On the shield of the House of Gryferrydor, led by Mr. Ferry…you will find a hippogriff…half eagle, half lion.The colors of Gryferrydor are purple and green representing honor.
  • The House of Gonnellador led by Mr. Gonnella is protected by a lion. The colors maroon and gold represent the virtue of sacrifice.
  • Boelthaus headed by Ms. Boelte is protected by a sea monster with the colors green and gold representing justice.
  • TonsofBenz is headed by Ms. Benton carries the protection of a fox. The colors, gold and black represent humility.
  • Cusalmono is led by two of our teachers, Mrs. Almon and Mr. Cusimano. The house is protected by a flying seahorse and the colors navy and light blue represent compassion.

The “Order of Veritas,” a secret society founded to aid our student body in reaching their goal of 20,000 cans, has been resurrected. Faculty, staff, alums, and friends are all invited to join. The colors of the society are black and white. The Order is protected by a dog who carries a torch. Hopefully the dog is familiar to you as he appeared in one of St. Dominic’s dream.  Members of the Order of Veritas uphold the virtue of truth.

The school’s overall goal for the week is to bring in 20,000 cans. Each afternoon students receive daily total announcements on the P.A. from characters known in the Harry Potter series. The food drive ends on Tuesday, April 28th.