Matthew Foss 2015 Veritas Award Reipient

Science Department Chair Matthew Foss received the 2015 Veritas Award during Academic Honors Day. The award recognizes his commitment to the four pillars of Dominican life: prayer, study, community and service.


Dr. Cynthia A. Thomas, St. Mary’s Dominican High School president, saluted Foss, “an outstanding example of a lay person living a Dominican vocation. He is an inspiration to those of us who work alongside of him. His leadership in the Dominican STREAM™ initiative has been and is exemplary, working not only in seminars and exploring faith and reason, science and religion and mathematics, but planning with his department members the science program and lab layout of the new facility, and the challenge of moving out of labs established over 50 years ago. Matt has been a model leader and mentor in the search for truth through faith and reason. His ‘can do’ attitude, his willingness to help anyone in need, his leadership can only come from a heart rooted in prayer and his relationship with God.”


Congratulations and a Toast of Praise to Mr. Matt Foss!