May Crowning Reflection

May Crowning

By: Mylinh Bui, St. Mary’s Dominican High School, Class of 2015


When thinking of the perfect mother figure we think of qualities and characteristics such as loving, kind, sweet, patient, and beautiful. Is there even such a thing as a perfect mother though? Of course, we would like to think that our own mothers are the best ever, they could possibly be. But we all know that everyone has her flaws. There is one person that we know who fulfills all these qualities and many more – Mary, the Mother of God.

Mary isn’t like any other mother. She exemplifies courage to its fullest. When the Angel Gabriel came to young Mary to tell her that she would carry the Son of God, she answered eagerly, saying , “Thy will be done.” Clearly Mary showed her faith by accepting the call from God. It can be hard for us to listen to what God wants for us when we are distracted and tempted to turn away from God. To be more like Mary, we have to open up to God even when we are upset with ourselves. Maybe it’s our image or the grades we are getting in school, but we push away other people and God when situations get rough. Or sometimes we have trouble making good decisions when we hang out with the wrong group of people. Sometimes we are quick to judge when we see someone who is different from ourselves. These little imperfections remind us of our humanity.

God gave us free will because He knows that we are capable of making good decisions. Jesus wants us to be willing to try to be humble in everything that we do, patient with others, and loving through our generous prayers. We can look up to Mary to guide us to live our lives with integrity. Mary showed integrity by fully being open to God’s message. She reflects the importance of individual worth. Mary, instead of saying no to the Angel Gabriele, accepted God’s plan for her and made it clear that although she didn’t know what was going to happen, she knew that she could do all things through God’s power.

To show our faith, we have to believe that God knows what’s best for us, and God watches out for us even when it doesn’t necessarily seem that way. It takes faith, courage, and grace to be like Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Seniors – we are moving on with our lives outside of St. Mary’s Dominican High School, and we may encounter certain situations that could compromise our self-worth. This is when we can look to Mother Mary as our role model. Mary is the epitome of beauty and grace and will help us to live our lives, faithful to God, ourselves, and others.

Dominican, I challenge all of us to pray to Mary every day to help us to become more loving, caring, and graceful in everything that we do. She can teach us how to live like a perfect mother would.

Now let us pray the Memorare.