SAGE’s New Concepts

VEGITAS (Truth in Vegetables)

St. Mary’s Dominican High School students tried a vegetarian lunch from the Vegitas (Truth in Vegetables) menu of chef-inspired vegan and vegetarian fare. The Southwestern Veggie Bonanza menu featured a bean and cheese tostada, served with a choice of Arroz (Cuban black beans and rice) or Black bean, corn and edamame salad, and a choice of southwestern roasted vegetables or steamed asparagus.

“You don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy vegetables and many are making that discovery,” said Andrew Shuford, Food Service Director at Dominican. Vegitas, the latest addition to the New Concepts line at SAGE Dining Services, Inc. ®, aims to make complete and nutritionally balanced vegetarian dining simple and convenient.


Abundance of Apples

The Abundance of Apples display was to showcase the depth and breadth of a fall fruit favorite. The goal was to expose apples in dishes to add an inherit sweetness while creating a textural variation that many fruits don’t provide.