Thanksgiving Shared with the Community


Dominican students and alumnae participated in the school’s annual Thanksgiving Basket drive. Their efforts resulted in donations for 96 Thanksgiving baskets that were distributed in conjunction with St. Rita Parish to provide Thanksgiving meals for families who reside in the Gert Town community.

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On behalf of the Christian Leadership Council and the Office of Dominican Catholic Identity, I’d like a moment to say – St. Mary’s Dominican High School, a toast of praise to ALL of you! Through your service and generosity, we were able to provide Thanksgiving for 96 families this past Friday. Once again, that is 96 (9-6) families! You may be wondering…is that impressive? Oh Yes! Last year, we brought in 64 Thanksgiving baskets.

Thank you to all who shopped for and contributed items, to those of you who brought baskets down from your homerooms and club rooms this morning and all of the special bows, cards and decorative details which you added. Thank you to alumnae, homeroom teachers, Student Council representatives, club moderators, coaches and various departments who also helped facilitate the baskets.

After the baskets were dropped off in Alumnae Hall we loaded them in trucks and headed over to the Xavier University Community Outreach Center. We met with Xavier University graduate students in counseling, professors, St. Rita parishioners and members of the Gert Town neighborhood community. St. Rita and Mary Queen of Peace provided 64 turkeys for the baskets and our Dominican Alumnae contributed forty-two (42) $25 WalMart gift cards.

A big shout goes out to all our CLC members who helped load and unload at the Xavier Outreach Center and three of you, in particular, who carried over 40 baskets down steps to load into peoples’ cars. It was heavy loading, but these girls didn’t complain one bit!

Thank you very much!!

Katie Almon