Mu Alpha Theta State Convention

53 Dominican students attended the Mu Alpha Theta State Convention April 7th – April 9th. A total of 31 schools participated with over 750 students. Awards are given to the top 10% in individual tests and top 10 places for games. Dominican students received 29 awards including 6th place in Sweepstakes. The top schools are recognized in the Sweepstakes Award for having the highest number of points awarded to the school per students that compete.

Dominican was the highest achieving girls school in Louisiana.

Individual Tests:

Equations and Inequalities:

11th Bridget Adam

10th Halle Briede

6th Abby Slattery

Advanced Algebra:

10th Mackie Smith

9th Abby Webb


10th Gabby Terranova


20th Grace Nguyen

18th Abigail Morici

16th Gabby Nguyen

7th Emily Doyle

6th Madison Miller


14th Ellen Carriere

11th Virginia Quinlan

Theta Individual Test:

10th Lili Cerise

9th Mackie Smith

Alpha Individual Test:

12th Emily Doyle

1st Elizabeth Champagne


Theta Descartes:

5th Mackie Smith

3rd Lili Cerise

Alpha Descartes:

8th Emily Doyle

Theta Gemini:

5th Victoria Liu and Abby Webb

Alpha Gemini:

2nd Elizabeth Champagne and Catherine Cerise


6th Emily Champagne, Gabby Nguyen, Jillian Sandoz, and Emma Duckworth

Alpha Ciphering:

6th Madison Miller, Abigail Morici, Gabby Terranova, and Maggie Conrad

Mu Ciphering:

6th Jessica Schaumburg, Virginia Quinlan, Yaseen Khan, and Sage Ducoing

School Wide Team Tests:

Theta Interschool 6th place

Alpha Interschool 3rd place

Banner 3rd place

Sweepstakes 6th place

A Toast of Praise to all the girls that attended state convention!