Class of 2016 Commencement Ceremony


One-hundred seventy-eight students received diplomas from St. Mary’s Dominican High School during the May 21 commencement ceremony held on campus. President Dr. Cynthia A. Thomas and Vice President, Principal Mrs. Carolyn Favre awarded the diplomas. Graduates were presented by Mrs. Wendy Grubb, Chair of the Guidance Department.

St. Mary’s Dominican High School Class of 2016 has received numerous honors and awards. In the class, 89 students merited the distinction of honor graduate, earning GPAs of 3.5 or higher. Six students were named Commended Students by the National Merit Scholarship Program, one was a National Merit Semi-Finalist, and three were recognized as National Merit Finalists.

As of May 21, graduates earned admission into 79 different colleges and universities throughout the country. They received 399 scholarships and awards totaling more than $14.8 million dollars, and earned a total of 557 semester hours of college credit.

Forty-four seniors participated in Louisiana State University’s (LSU) Spring Invitational Program and qualified for Advanced Placement (AP) college credit through testing and AP programs, earning a total of 474 semester hours at LSU. Fifteen students earned math credit through dual enrollment with LSU, and 13 students qualified for advanced placement or credit through AP testing from last year or through courses and exams taken at other colleges. Additional credit will be awarded based on the results of AP exams taken each May by students. As one of the 20 high schools whose students earned the most credit on the Spring Invitational Advanced-Standing Exams, St. Mary’s Dominican High School was awarded LSU’s Golden Achievement Award for Spring Invitational 2016.

The Class of 2016 completed 27,943 hours of community service. Forty-one students earned the St. Mary’s Dominican Service Award by performing over 200 hours. Four students who earned over 500 hours were Emily L. Munch (631 hours), Caroline R. Karam (605 hours), Maya B. Dancisak (597 hours), and Jessica C. Schaumburg (524 hours).


Valedictorians were Jessica C. Schaumburg, Laura E. Youngblood and Amelie J. Zimmer.


Salutatorian was Sage B. Ducoing.


Schaumburg, the daughter of Jeanne and Seth Schaumburg, will attend LSU Honors College. She received the LSU President’s Alumni Scholars Award and the LSU President’s Future Leaders in Research Program Award. At Dominican, she was Biotechnology Club president and Mu Alpha Theta vice president. She also was a member of the National Honor Society, Pro-Life Club and volunteered over 500 community service hours. She is treasurer of the Catholic Youth Organization at St. Matthew the Apostle Catholic Church and an active volunteer at Audubon Zoo.

Youngblood, daughter of Eileen Hofrichter and Michael Youngblood, and stepdaughter of Dr. April Fox and Col. Frank B. Arnemann, Jr., will attend University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A National Merit Scholarship Commended student, she was a member of Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Band, and Drama Club, and also a Student Preacher, Lector, and Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. A classically trained vocalist for opera, she studied at New Orleans Center for Creative Arts.

Zimmer, daughter of Marianne and John Zimmer, will attend LSU where she was accepted into Honors College, received LSU Flagship Scholars Resident Award and LSU President’s Student Aide Award. She was a member of Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society vice president, Student Council, Healthy Lifestyles Club, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and has studied ballet for 14 years.

Ducoing, daughter of Roxanne Afis and Jason Ducoing, received National Merit Commendation. She will attend LSU Honors College and received LSU Flagship Scholars Resident Award and LSU President’s Student Aide Award. She served as treasurer of the Biotechnology Club and was a member of the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and Junior Classical League.


The Mother Mary Magdalen O’Farrell, O.P. Service Award was presented to Emily L. Munch. The award recognizes a student’s outstanding, dedicated service to St. Mary’s Dominican High School. Dominican life and growth are mirrored in her reflection of the school’s philosophy by belief in God and respect for the dignity of all human beings.


The Sr. Mary Ambrose Reggio, O.P. Alumnae Award was presented to Mallory G. Grefer and Alexis C. Dees, selected by their classmates for representing Dominican Spirit. Dominican’s motto, “To Praise, to Bless, to Preach” is an integral part of the honorees’ lives, as is their commit to truth, Veritas.


The American Legion Award, sponsored by the Henry Thomas Ross Post No. 137, was awarded to Mallory G. Grefer, who was selected by administration, faculty, staff and students for reflecting the qualities of courage, honor, leadership, patriotism, scholarship, and service.


Six graduates were selected by leadership, administration and faculty to receive the Veritas Award, the most prestigious award presented to a St. Mary’s Dominican High School graduating senior. The recipient of this award demonstrates exemplary understanding of the Dominican Charism, Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare, to Praise, to Bless, to Preach. Following the example of St. Dominic de Guzman, founder of the Dominican Order, the Veritas Award recipient faithfully strives to seek Veritas, Truth through prayer, study, community and service. She preaches the Truth of the Gospel through the example of her life and calls forth the best in others. Award recipients were O’Brien B. Alley, Alexis C. Dees, Mallory G. Grefer, Megan E. Guidry, Emily L. Munch, and Laura E. Youngblood.



In addition to the valedictorian and salutatorians, those graduating summa cum laude (4.0 and above) were O’Brien B. Alley, Hanna M. Almoaswes, Reagan P. Arnett, Madeleine A. Bogart, Avrill M. Boudreaux, Abigail E. Buchert, Sophia O. Cacioppo, Ellen E. Carriere, Emily A. Champagne, Allyson B. Colomb, Raeghan N. DeCuir, Brittany C. Ferdinand, Madison E. French, Kayla S. Goudeau, Mallory G. Grefer, Megan E. Guidry, Sydney E. Hale, Katherine F. Hamilton, Amelia G. Haydel, Abigail E. Hebert, Toni M. Henry, Sabrina L. Hibben, Abigail M. Hinyub, Madison R. Holmes, Dominique R. Hull, Kaela G. Hymel, Sara M. Kalantari, Rita A. Kelly, Yaseen Khan, Jennifer E. Madden, Molly A. Mancheski, Paige M. McGaha, Ariana Mehrabani, Emily L. Munch, Sarah H. Myers, Zoë I. Mysing, Emily T. Nauck, Julia A. Pettus, Virginia M. Quinlan, Alexandra M. Sequeira, Meaghan M. Sheehy, Alexandra Shiell, Frances V. Smith, Gabrielle C. Sperber, Leda M. St. Cyr, Isabel E. Torres, Summer C. Trusty, Kensley E. Villavasso, Emma M. Vincent, and Elizabeth M. Wherritt, and Kristen L. Williams.

Graduating magna cum laude (3.75-3.99) were Cameron W. Bernard, Eve M. Blakemore, Madison P. Delery, Senea M. Diaz, Alison M. Donnes, Meagan G. Froeba, Rebecca M. Greenfield, Alexandrea I. Legendre, Emily A. Mayer, Jeanne F. Morel, Anna F. Moore, Brieanne N. Perry, Amanda R. Pisciotta, Elizabeth T. Redfearn, Claire E. Rosamond, Elizabeth C. Socha, Vy-Evelyn H. Tran, and Olivia S. Whitcomb.

Graduating cum laude (3.50-3.74) were Caitlin Q. Alvarez, Emma C. Boudreaux, Kiera C. Burke, Amanda L. Callia, Kaila J. Dardar, Caroline M. Douglass, Gabrielle V. Edmundson, Grace S. Henricks, Kennedi A. Landry, Meredith L. Larriviere, Hue Nghi V. Le, Caroline A. Lundgren, Talia R. Majoria, Hana M. O’Neill, Kristina M. Plunkett, and Madison P. Weber.

Also graduating were Allison E. Alario, Kayla E. Albarado, Cameron L. Angelo, Roxanne M. Ardekani, Sydney F. Artigues, Samantha S. Babin, Hanna E. Barbé, Jenna L. Becnel, Reba E. Becnel, Katherine A. Beyer, Kayla M. Biskupovich, Megan E. Bologna, J’Kyra A. Bouie, Stephanie L. Bucher, Destiny K. Buraimoh, Andrea F. Charif, Shayla R. Cheramie, Megan E. Christy, Margaret E. Clark, Logan A. Clement, Taylor M. Clesi, Emily J. Cruz, Maya B. Dancisak, Treslyn E. Davenport, Alexis C. Dees, Morgan M. DeJean, Margaret C. Delargy Shore, Jennifer M. Denault, Elizabeth J. Denenea, Kelly M. Fernandez, Jennifer A. Freitas, Jade V. George, Amelia L. Gerstung, Isabel C. Gibson, Danielle M. Gill, Logan E. Gobert, Gretchen J. Gogreve, Hannah E. Guillot, Elise M. Haase, Cydni M. Haley, Madison J. Harrison, Emily E. Heinrich, Sadie I. Herbert, Gabriella M. Holmes, Taylor A. Jackson, Caroline M. Jacobi, Caroline A. Jeandron, Caroline R. Karam, Kaitlyn E. Knecht, Isabella V. Koclanes, Emily C. Lavin, Gabrielle M. Lecler, Madeline J. Magee, Bailynn R. McNeely, Lauren A. Meilleur, Olivia E. Melville, Emily J. Meyer, Taylor P. Monthey, Meghan E. Morris, Ann M. Murphy, Ryan L. Nash, Emma C. Oubre, Bailey M. Perkins, Lauren A. Pizani, Kaitlyn A. Popich, Cassie J. Prevou, Caitlin J. Quick, Catherine L. Reso, Lauren T. Rolig, Shelby M. Scuderi, Katie E. Sidora, Marleni J. Simpson, Adeleigh E. Smith, Nicole M. Songy, Johanna E. Spooner, Tori R. Sutherland, Amber E. Sylvain, Sarah R. Tatarski, Victoria E. Teixidor, Sarah A. Trumbaturi, Blaise M. Trusty, Audrey E. Valdes, Julia C. Vallejos, Lindsey M. Vathy, Madison C. Vernaci, Monica M. Viloria, Holli L. Webb, Turquoise P. Webber, and Abigail E. Wright.