Students Bring Home Wins from District and State Rally


Front Row (from left): Victori Liu, Julia Cazabon, Laura Youngblood, Isabel Torres, Stephanie Bucher, Sara Kalantari, Elise Bourg, Gabrielle Nguyen, Madison Miller, and Victoria Chan. Second Row: Camille Scandurro, Kelly Jackson, Olivia Edwards, Laurel Mire, Jessica Wallesverd, Brigette Chevalier, Sara Miller, Catherine Bickerton, Rose Doskey, and Lorissa Gallardo. Third Row: Elise Bourgeois, Monet Brignac, Grace Nguyen, Paige Wilson, Audrey Buck, Caroline Troendle, Katelyn Cuomo, Mattie Morel, and Emma Barnes. Fourth Row: Cecilia Zimmermann, Dina Alawamleh, Elizabeth Bourg, Cameron Cossé, Catherine Cerise, Celeste Patron, Rachel Baril, Sheyna Khaled, and Cecilia Bourg. Fifth Row: Elise Cresson, Annie Smith, Lillian Cerise, Caroline Bickerton, Ashley Miles, Bryce Leonhard, Meredith McKeough, Annie Alexander, and Eugenie Rodrigue.

St. Mary’s Dominican High School students took honors at the State Rally in Baton Rouge and the District Rally in New Orleans.

Students and their events in the State Rally:

Catherine Bickerton, Algebra I, 5th Cameron Cossé, French I: Interpretive Reading, Excellent
Annie Smith, Algebra II, 2nd Brooke Loupe, French III: Interpretive Reading, Excellent
Anne D’Armond, Biology I, 3rd Rebecca Greenfield, French IV: Interpretive Reading, Good
Anna Mermilliod, Biology II, 5th Elizabeth Bourg, French II: Extemporaneous Speaking, Good
Grace Nguyen, Chemistry, 3rd Abigail Nix, French III: Extemporaneous Speaking, Superior
Elise Bourgeois, English I, 5th Chloe Mendy, French IV: Extemporaneous Speaking, Superior
Camille Scandurro, English II, 1st Cecilia Bourg, Music: Girls Trio, Superior
Abigail Webb, English III, 4th Catherine Cerise, Music: Girls Trio, Superior
Gabrielle Nguyen, English IV, 5th Lillian Cerise, Music: Girls Trio, Superior
Kelly Jackson, Fine Arts Survey, 2nd Katherine Beyer, Music: Girls Vocal Solo (High Voices), Superior
Monet Brignac, French I, 5th Elise Bourg, Music: Girls Vocal Solo (High Voices), Superior
Dina Alawamleh, Geometry, 5th Molly Gaffney, Music: Girls Vocal Solo (Low Voices), Superior
Sara Kalantari, Journalism, 1st Meredith McKeough, Spanish II: Interpretive Reading, Superior
Julia Cazabon, Latin II, 3rd Nia Hudson, Spanish III: Interpretive Reading, Excellent
Sage Ducoing, Psychology, 2nd Veronica Stevens, Spanish IV: Interpretive Reading, Superior
Lorissa Gallardo, Spanish II, 2nd Tai Sutherland, Spanish II: Extemporaneous Speaking, Excellent
Rachel Baril, Spanish III, 1st Sheyna Khaled, Spanish III: Extemporaneous Speaking, Superior
Catherine Cerise, US History, 1st Johanna Spooner, Spanish IV: Extemporaneous Speaking, Excellent
Lillian Cerise, World History, 4th


Students and their events in the District Rally:

*State Qualifier

Stephanie Bucher, Advanced Math–Functions and Statistics *Andrea Garces, French III
Alexandrea Legendre, Advanced Math–Functions and Statistics Abigail Nix, French III
Emily Doyle, Advanced Math Pre-Calculus Rebecca Greenfield, French IV
*Madison Miller, Advanced Math Pre-Calculus Chloe Mendy, French IV
*Catherine Bickerton, Algebra I *Dina Alawamleh, Geometry
Sara Miller, Algebra I Margaret Latham, Geometry
Caroline Bickerton, Algebra II Anne Alexander, Health
Overall Winner *Annie Smith, Algebra II Jailyn Heisser, Journalism
Elise Cresson, Biology I *Sara Kalantari, Journalism
Overall Winner *Anne D’Armond, Biology I Elise Bourg, Latin I
Bridgette Chevalier, Biology II Celeste Patron, Latin I
*Anna Mermilliod, Biology II Julia Cazabon, Latin II
Raeghan DeCuir, Calculus Rose Doskey, Latin II
Emily Champagne, Calculus Katelyn Cuomo, Physical Science
*Grace Nguyen, Chemistry *Bryce Leonhard, Physical Science
Caroline Troendle, Chemistry Jessica Schaumburg, Physics
Overall Winner *Isabel Torres, Civics *Laura Youngblood, Physics
Amelie Zimmer, Civics *Sage Ducoing, Psychology
*Elise Bourgeois, English I Laurel Mire, Psychology
Emma Barnes, English I *Victoria Chan, Spanish I
Overall Winner *Camille Scandurro, English II Paige Wilson, Spanish I
Chloe Whitcomb, English II Jacqueline DeLaCerda, Spanish II
Audrey Buck, English III *Lorissa Gallardo, Spanish II
Overall Winner *Abigail Webb, English III *Rachel Baril, Spanish III
Abigail Morici, English IV Victoria Liu, Spanish III
*Gabrielle Nguyen, English IV Gabrielle Terranova, Spanish IV
*Kelly Jackson, Fine Arts Survey Anya Montgomery, Spanish IV
Eugenie Rodrigue, Fine Arts Survey *Catherine Cerise, US History
*Monet Brignac, French I Olivia Edwards, US History
Ashley Miles, French I Chizoba Ogbuefi, World Geography
*CeCe Zimmermann, French II Mattie Morel, World Geography
Ahjah Yunusah, French II Overall Winner *Lillian Cerise, World History
Rebecca D’Antonio, World History