Telling the Story of St. Dominic to Young Readers

olivia_olson_1118Telling the Story of St. Dominic to Young Readers

by Olivia Olson

When Sister Maeve McMahon, O.P., a Cabra Dominican sister, came to St. Mary’s Dominican High School she spoke to the 8th grade class about her latest book for young readers, “A Dream of Fire: A Story about Dominic Guzman.”  Sister Maeve was born in Ireland where she lived and worked as an educator. She also spent many years teaching in New Orleans until Hurricane Katrina that forced her to evacuate and return to Ireland. She uses her experiences and talent to inspire young readers.

During her visit to Dominican she spoke about wanting to appeal to young readers with vividly imagined and captivating scenes in the book, but also staying true to the original facts. The story follows Dominic Guzman who founded an Order of Preachers, known as the Dominican Order that is celebrating the 800th jubilee of the order’s founding. Sr. Maeve shared with us that no matter where she is in the world, it comforts her to know that every time she sees the Veritas shield, she knows it represents Dominican. We received a copy of Sister Maeve’s book with her advice to take five minutes out of each busy day and read a chapter of “A Dream of Fire: A Story of Dominic Guzman.”

Sr. Maeve’s visit was featured in the Clarion Herald November issue. Read the story here –