March for Life

We Are Pilgrims, Not Tourists: Archdiocese Sends Five-hundred to our Nation’s Capitol to Fight Abortion By: Maria Cusimano Bruce ’04, Prolife Club Moderator, English Department Published in the Clarion Herald, the February 8th edition We lined the sidewalks, packed closely for we were many. Some of us stood among the rose bushes they planted to… Read More

Tulane Professor visits Dominican

During a recent visit to St. Mary’s Dominican High School, WT Godbey, PH.D, the Paul H. and Donna D. Assistant Professor in Engineering in the Department of Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering at Tulane University, shared with students his career path from software development to gene therapy research. He also visited Janine Koenig’s Biology II Honors… Read More

Paper Airplanes

Mr. Ryan Reuter’s 8th and 9th grade Physical Science classes were studying about motion and last week they did a lab on speed. The students calculated the speed of their paper airplane by measuring the distance the plane traveled and the time that the plane was in the air. Then they went back to the… Read More

Starting a New Legacy

Mrs. Barbara Breaux Koch-Jones ’52 presented her senior class ring to Sr. Pat Harvat, O.P., VP of Dominican Catholic Identity, Dr. Cynthia Thomas, President, and Mrs. Celeste Anding ’82, Alumnae Director. She requested that her Alma Mater present the ring to a deserving senior from the Class of 2015. Mrs. Barbara has no daughters or… Read More