8th Grade Retreat

On Friday, March 28th our 8th Graders participated in their Afternoon of Reflection. The afternoon began with Mass celebrated by Fr. Stephen Dardis, L.C. 8th grade parents joined in for Mass and lunch. Afterwards, the 8th graders participated in a Dominican Identity themed Easter egg hunt around campus. Small groups had clues to find significant… Read More

Lou Reilly Awards – Winter Sports

The award is presented to the athlete “who continually tries to improve her skills and who has listened to her coaches and teammates. This is an athlete who encourages those playing while she is not in the game, and while playing herself, gives her full effort at each moment.” The student athletes themselves have a… Read More

Multicultural Festival

It was a pageantry of traditional dresses and performances at the Multicultural Festival, organized by the Multicultural Club. A Chinese dragon procession opened the festival. Dances included Bollywood, Korean, El son de la Negra (Mexico), Salsa (Latin America), Kuduro (Angola, Africa) and Break-dance/Techno (United States). Students wore traditional dresses from Vietnam, South Korea, China, Japan,… Read More

Dominican Supports LIFE!

Today, in conjunction with Catholic Charities, the ACCESS bus was on campus promoting awareness and education. Students were able to explore the bus, learn about fetal development, understand the challenges that women in crisis pregnancies face and solidify their belief in the value of Human Life! Read More

Physical Science Lab

Mr. Reuter’s Physical Science class did a lab on work and power. The students timed themselves as they ran and walked up the stairs. They then measured the vertical height of the stairs. After that they used the formulas to find out the amount of work that they did and the amount of power they had… Read More