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Track and Field Wins District

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Dominican’s Track and Field seniors celebrated their last year on the team after their district win.

At the April 20, 5A District 9 Track and Field competition, St. Mary’s Dominican High School was the top team scorer with 110. John Curtis posted 72, followed by Mount Camel, 46; and Archbishop Chapelle, 42.

Events and results for Dominican:

100m Dash – Jailyn Heisser 3rd, Gabby Cotton 4th

200m Dash – Jailyn Heisser 2nd

400m Dash – Colette Carrier 4th


800m Run – Lizzy Bourg 4th

1600m Run – Emily Doyle 1st, Ady Becker 3rd

3200m Run – Emily Doyle 1st


100m Hurdles – Cecelia Chaney 1st, Elise Peyroux 2nd

300m Hurdles – Alex Rosenbohn 2nd, Ady Becker 3rd


4 x 100m Relay – 1st Marian Boyd, Gabby Cotton, Jailyn Heisser, Sarah Becnel

4 x 200m Relay – 1st Marian Boyd, Gabby Cotton, Jailyn Heisser, Laney Thomson

4 x 400m Relay – 3rd Alex Rosenbohn, Emily Johnson, Lizzy Bourg, Laney Thomson


High Jump – Liz Messonnier 1st, Laney Thomson 2nd

Pole Vault – Sarah Becnel 2nd, Emma Steeg 3rd

Long Jump – Marian Boyd – 2nd

Triple Jump – Cecelia Chaney 1st, Alex Rosenbohn 2nd

Shot Put – Codee Jones 3rd

Discus – Abby Slattery 2nd

Javelin – Abby Slattery 1st

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