Student Life

Student life at Dominican means more than just clubs; it’s an experience that goes beyond the classroom. From organizations and dances to retreats and community service projects, Dominican students gain life experience outside of the classroom. This period of self-discovery begins during the teenage years, and Dominican ensures that our students are equipped to make a difference in the world at that early age. The transition between elementary school and college is crucial. Dominican High School is committed to preparing students for the next level, not only academically and socially, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

Spirit Assemblies
Special spirit assemblies are held throughout the year, usually in conjunction with a sporting event.  Students are seen with painted faces and DHS costumes to cheer their team to victory!

Rally Day
Rally Day has been the paramount spirit event at Dominican for generations. This is a friendly competition during which each class performs, cheers, and competes against the other grade levels in a contest of creativity and spirit. Rally Day creates cherished memories for every Dominican student.

Class Colors
Class colors are yet another way to show school spirit and class unity since Dominican uniquely does not have a mascot.  Each grade level can be recognized by its own color. Eighth graders can be seen in purple, freshmen in green, sophomores in yellow, juniors in red, and seniors in blue.