Perspectives for Prospective Parents

A glimpse of Dominican through the eyes of parents

From Janice Cory Scott ’70 (Brittany ’03 & Jenna ’05)

Parents’ Club President 2003-2004; Alumnae Association President 2006-2007

“Dominican. What emotions this one word elicits for me! As a proud alumna, Class of 1970, I was overjoyed when each of my daughters chose to attend St. Mary’s Dominican High School. It was a wonderful place to mature as a teenager and receive the best education possible.

However, I was unprepared for how overwhelming the experience would be while sharing it again with my daughters. The buildings were impeccably kept, the atmosphere still inspiring, and the faculty and staff as caring and professional as I remembered them. As a parent though, I have a much greater appreciation for what goes on here. I get tears in my eyes and goose bumps on my arms at each and every function that I attend.

To experience Dominican is for young women to thrive in a nurturing, family atmosphere.  The academic excellence exceeds my highest expectations, and the variety and achievements of the extracurricular activities are amazing.  What Dominican does best is to guide these adolescent girls as they develop into spiritually mature young women within a truly Catholic environment. The faculty and staff of St. Mary’s Dominican High School constantly strive to instill Prayer, Study, Community, and Service into every aspect of the curriculum and activities.”