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Guidelines for St. Mary’s Dominican High School Alumnae Awards


All nominations must include a completed form and two letters of recommendation. All nominations will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee which consists of Alumnae Board Members. The nomination form is below. Once you submit the form it will automatically be sent to the Alumnae Director. The two letters of recommendation must be emailed to the Alumnae Director at

All forms and letters must be submitted to the Alumnae Director no later than midnight on March 8, 2024. The Nominating Committee will meet and make final recommendations to the President of Dominican High School.

In selecting recipients of all Alumnae Awards, St. Mary’s Dominican High School seeks graduates who reflect the ideals and attributes stated in the Profile of a Dominican Graduate.

Profile of a Dominican Graduate

A Dominican graduate is encouraged to be a woman of integrity who seeks Truth, VERITAS.  Embracing the Dominican program and aspiring to its ideals, she:

·  Understands the importance of prayer in her daily life.

·  Appreciates and understands the teachings of the Catholic Church.

·  Seeks the peace of Christ in her heart and in the world.

·  Thinks critically and independently.

·  Leads others with dignity and compassion, calling forth the best in them.

·  Serves her community and works for justice.

·  Respects life and promotes stewardship of God’s creation.

·  Values learning and pursues excellence.

·  Communicates effectively.

·  Projects self-confidence in meeting the challenges of a changing world.

·  Recognizes and cherishes diversity in God’s world.

·  Celebrates Dominican tradition and heritage.

·  Preaches the values of the Gospel through her life.


Alumna of the Year Award

The Alumna of the Year is one who is recognized by her peers as a woman who instills Christian moral values while urging the practice of ethical behaviors as demonstrated through her dedication to family, public service, or career. She is someone who for at least 20 years since her graduation from Dominican, has worked tirelessly and consistently to serve others in her community or globally.

Sr. Mary Angela Mulhern, O.P. Service Award
The Sr. Mary Angela Mulhern, O.P. Service Award is given to an individual who has given generously of herself to promote Dominican.  This is demonstrated by one of the following:

1.    Holding an office or chairing a committee within the Alumnae Association.

2.   Being known for dedicated participation in events sponsored by the Alumnae or by the school.

3.   Being an active Alumna.

Outstanding Young Alumna Award

Nominee must have graduated from St. Mary’s Dominican High School within the last 20 years. This award will honor an alumna who, through her service, leadership and achievements has made outstanding commitments within her community and/or her profession.

St. Catherine of Siena Preaching Alumna Award

This award will honor an alumna who exemplifies the wonderful qualities that speak of St. Catherine of Siena who was a courageous and compassionate woman. St. Catherine is the patroness of the St. Mary’s Dominican High School Alumnae Association. The preaching award recipient is a seeker of Truth, preacher of the Word by the example of her life, and inspires all to make Jesus the center of their lives.  She is a true witness to the transforming power of allowing God’s will to guide her daily life.


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