St. Mary's Dominican High School

Academic Resources

Realizing the importance of technology, Dominican incorporates the latest technology available into the program of studies. Interactive SMART Boards™ and document cameras in all classrooms make Dominican a dynamic learning environment. By using technology in demonstration, research, experimentation, and writing, students are engaged in active learning.

Dominican meets the technology needs of students through the Erminia Wadsworth Technology Center, a Mathematics Lab, a Writing Center, a Foreign Language Lab, and laptops in various locations on campus. The Erminia Wadsworth Technology Center ensures the highest level of technological performance for students to enhance their learning, increase opportunities for research, and gain proficiency in navigating information. Currently, the Center is home to wired PC’s and wireless laptops which allow for small and large group instruction and research. The computers allow students to access databases, create works for publication, and produce multimedia presentations.

In the Writing Center students learn all stages of the writing process from pre-writing to finished product through one-on-one help and peer collaboration. The Math Lab extends the math classroom so that students can use a variety of resources to visually grasp and practice math concepts. The Foreign Language Lab provides students the ability to digitally record and listen to themselves speaking the target language. Wireless laptops are also available for learning in social studies, mathematics, science, and health.

Sponsored By Dominican Sisters of Peace