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Heart of the Matter

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Cardiothoracic Surgeon Timothy William Pettitt, MD, Director of ECMO Services and Special Assistive Devices at Children’s Hospital talked to Mrs. Giacona’s Science 8 classes about heart disease and the types of surgeries he performs. Dr. Pettitt is Associate Professor of Surgery, Section of Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery, LSU Health Sciences Center, New Orleans.

Julie Cristina, Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction

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Julie Cristina, a chemistry teacher at St. Mary’s Dominican High School, was selected as a Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction, a special program of the National Society of High School Scholars that honors educators worldwide. The honor is for Cristina’s excellence in teaching and her encouragement of and dedication to the academic success of students   …Continue Reading

Lab Visit Adds New Dimension to Classroom Experience

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Students in science teacher Anjel Guitroz’s Honors Anatomy and Physiology Class visited the lab of Michael Dancisak, PhD, Director of the Center for Anatomical and Movement Sciences at Tulane University (pictured in white lab coat below). During their visit the students viewed cadavers that had been dissected to reveal the layers of the skin and   …Continue Reading

Mark Gonnella Published in The Catholic Social Science Review

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Mark Gonnella, MA, St. Mary’s Dominican High School Religion teacher, has been published in the current issue of The Catholic Social Science Review (Vol. 19). Gonnella who holds a master’s degree in theology from Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis, MO found inspiration for the article, “Authentic Sexual Freedom: John Paul’s II’s Personalism and a Response to Humanistic   …Continue Reading

Egg Babies

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As a part of Mrs. Delgado’s Religion class, seniors participate in the egg baby assignment. Mrs. Delgado stated, “We try to take things that happen with the egg babies and relate it to real life challenges families can face. A few examples include infertility, handicaps, finding responsible sitters, loss of a child or family member   …Continue Reading

Central Nervous System & Special Senses

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After learning about the central nervous system and the special senses – Vision, Hearing, Smell, Taste, and Equilibrium – Ms. Anjel Guitroz’s Anatomy & Physiology students dissected a cow eye (special senses) and a sheep brain (central nervous system). The special senses and the central nervous system are closely related because the special senses are controlled by the cranial nerves of the   …Continue Reading

Spanish Class Connects with Chile

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Friday, October 31, students in Mrs. Claudia Vallejo’s Spanish III Honors class skyped with students from Colegio Saint Dominic, Viña del Mar, Chile who are learning English. Students wore festive Halloween costumes and took turns asking questions about their costumes and customs for Halloween.

Owl Pellet Dissection

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Crissy Giacona’s 8th grade science classes dissected owl pellets to analyze what prey they eat by identifying their bones. Owls swallow their prey whole. They digest the flesh and fat on animals such as moles, birds, and shrews, but they cannot digest bones, teeth and fur. Owls regurgitate these indigestible parts in the form of pellets approximately   …Continue Reading

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