St. Mary's Dominican High School

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We hope you will consider volunteering your time and talents to reconnect to the school and other alumnae. Here are a few of the opportunities available:

>>Alumnae Annual Drive

>>Open House

>>Silver Tea

>>Mother/Daughter Tea

>>Ice Cream Social

>>Easter Egg Roll

>>Homecoming Luncheon

>>DHS Adoration Chapel

Our Adoration Chapel is located in the heart of the DHS campus.

We encourage you to commit one hour per month of prayer in the Chapel. You are always praying for each other, our families and friends and all the special requests for prayers that are asked of us. This is simply a request to make a specific commitment of time for some of those prayers.

Please write your name in the appropriate time on the attached calendar or email me at or call me at 504-865-7823 to reserve your time. The Adoration calendar will be in a white binder in the back of the Chapel.

For your convenience there will be two reserved parking spaces for the Adoration Chapel in the campus parking area in the rear of the school off of Pine St. and Burdette St. Additionally, the security office is located right off the parking lot so one of our officers could  take you from your car to the chapel in a golf cart. If you are ever lucky enough to see a parking space on Walmsley Avenue. near the front door, take it because the chapel is located just inside the front doors.

Thank you,

Celeste Anding ‘82

Alumnae Director


Sponsored By Dominican Sisters of Peace