Alumna of the Year Nomination Form

The Dominican High School Alumna of the Year must exemplify in her life the ideals that Dominican strives to instill in its students. These ideals are described in the Profile of a Dominican Graduate.

Profile of a Dominican Graduate

  • Understands the importance of prayer in her daily life. Appreciates and understands the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • Thinks critically and independently.
  • Leads others with dignity and calls forth the best in them. Serves her community and works for justice.
  • Values learning and pursues excellence.
  • Communicates effectively.
  • Projects self-confidence in meeting the challenges of a changing world.
  • Recognizes and cherishes diversity in Gods world.
  • Respects life and promotes stewardship of Gods creation.
  • Celebrates Dominican tradition and heritage
  • Preaches the values of the Gospel through her life.

Please comment on how your nominee reflects in her life the ideals described in the Profile of a Dominican Graduate. The following questions are meant as a guide to help you provide information so that the selection committee can fairly consider your nominee. Please feel free to include any other information that expresses why you believe your nominee is qualified for this award. Your nominee doesn’t have to be a professional women or one who has gone on to higher education.

The questions are only suggestions.

  1. Has she lived her life in accordance with Catholic teachings?
  2. Explain how she has exemplified and promoted Catholic values and gospel teachings in her life.
  3. What, if any, have been her academic achievements since graduation from Dominican?
  4. Has she received academic recognition or honors?
  5. Has she been recognized for her accomplishments in her chosen field?\
  6. Has she been active in volunteer work? Explain.
  7. Has she encouraged or mentored others to reach their potential and contributed to society according to Christian principles?
  8. Does she project self-confidence and commitment in meeting the challenges of a changing world?
  9. Has she celebrated her Dominican heritage through involvement and contribution to the Dominican community?

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This nomination is valid for 2 years. If the individual is not recognized in that time frame, you may resubmit her name for reconsideration.