Outstanding Young Alumna Nomination Form

The Outstanding Young Alumna of the Year is one who exemplifies the profile of a Dominican Graduate.

Profile of a Dominican Graduate:

  • Understands the importance of prayer in her daily life. Appreciates and understands the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • Thinks critically and independently.
  • Leads others with dignity and calls forth the best in them. Serves her community and works for justice.
  • Values learning and pursues excellence.
  • Communicates effectively.
  • Projects self-confidence in meeting the challenges of a changing world.
  • Recognizes and cherishes diversity in Gods world.
  • Respects life and promotes stewardship of Gods creation.
  • Celebrates Dominican tradition and heritage
  • Preaches the values of the Gospel through her life.

Nominee must have graduated from Dominican within the last 15 years. The award will honor an alumna who, through her service, leadership, and achievements has made outstanding commitments within her community and/or her profession. Nominations must include at least two letters of recommendation. Your nominee doesn’t have to be a professional women or one who has gone on to higher education.