Leader of Catholic Education


The Dominican Preaching Mission

There are many outstanding Catholic schools in New Orleans, so what makes St. Mary’s Dominican High School unique? We are part of the Order of Preachers committed to Veritas and commissioned to participate in the “holy preaching” fostered by St. Dominic. Through the ministry of Dominican Catholic education, St. Mary’s Dominican High School prepares students for college and recognizes students’ apostolic capacity and their leadership ability to infuse Gospel values in the lifestyles and professions they later pursue. However, not only do Dominican students and graduates have apostolic capacity and leadership ability, but also St. Mary’s Dominican High School itself, through its institutional commitment to religion, science, and humanities, serves as a model for engaging the values of the Gospel while addressing the challenging questions that are posed through these academic areas. We truly believe that faith informs reason and immersion in the humanities enriches life.

Dominican Academics: Across-the-board Achievement

Dominican enjoys a reputation for academic excellence. Our test scores are well above state and national averages, but Dominican’s success is not the result of admitting only academically superior students. Rather, with sound pedagogy, we have been able to achieve across-the-board improvements.

Class of 2014: Sophomore to Senior Year Improvement

  • 84% increased their ACT score by 3 points or more.  
  • Another 16% improved by 1 or 2 points.
  • All students increased their score.

An increase of three points is very significant. It allows some graduates to pursue enrollment in the school of their choice and others to secure scholarships. We are proud of our across-the-board academic achievement. It makes Dominican uniquely positioned to serve young women and to prepare them for their apostolic and leadership roles.

+3 Points on the ACT Opens Doors

An Increase From… Makes One Eligible For…
17 to 20 The State TOPS Scholarship Program
19 to 22 Admission to LSU
25 to 28+ Multiple Scholarships
27 to 30 Honors College at LSU