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New Facilities for St. Mary’s Dominican High School

To fully implement our vision, St. Mary’s Dominican High School is proposing the construction of a new science and technology complex, which would more than double the school’s current lab space. The building project includes renovation and new construction. The STREAM™ curriculum and state-of-the-art science and technology facility hold great promise for Dominican, its students, area universities, and employers.

It will

  • enable Dominican to increase and enhance its science offerings.
  • allow faculty to increase the complexity of science experiments.
  • expand our robotics program/lab.
  • begin to address a gender imbalance. (In 2009, women comprised 50% of college graduates in Louisiana but earned only 32.4% of the degrees/certificates conferred in science, technology, math and engineering fields.2 As an all-girls school, Dominican accepts the challenge to strive to close the gender gap.)
  • provide greater opportunities to partner with universities by involving visiting professors in the Dominican classroom.
  • provide talent for the BioDistrict growth in New Orleans.
  • attract students interested in the “synthesis between faith, culture and life.”3

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3Source: Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education, “Educating Together in Catholic Schools: A Shared Mission between Consecrated Persons and the Lay Faithful.” No. 24 (9/08/07).


 The new science wing would double Dominican’s lab capacity. Influenced by collegiate environments, Dominican’s STREAM™ program embraces a level of professionalism.