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The Robotics Organization is two-tiered: The Robotics Club and The Robotics Team.

The Club meets during the day on Club Days. It is designed for students that desire an intro to robotics without attending after-school meetings. It comprises of 8th to 12th graders. 8th graders will build with the EV3 robot and 9th to 12th graders will use the VEX robot.

The Team meets twice a week after school. There are two teams: an 8th grade team and a 9th – 12th grade team. The FLL Team “Dominibots” is for 8th graders that wish to explore the world of LEGO robotics and travel to fun competitions. The VEX Team “RoboGirls” is for 9th – 12th graders who work with a team to build, program, and control a VEX robot. Learn skills to take to competitions and compete with other teams.


 (Pictured) The VEX Team “RoboGirls”

Robo Girls Win Excellence Award

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Congratulations to St. Mary’s Dominican High School’s senior robotics team, the Robo Girls, for winning the Excellence Award at the January 17 Red Stick Robotics/LSU College of Engineering VEX® Skyrise State Qualifier. The Excellence Award is the highest award presented in the VEX Robotics competition. It is awarded to the team that exemplifies overall excellence in   …Continue Reading

Dominibots ABSORB

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The First Lego League 8th grade team, the Dominibots, created an acronym called ABSORB. The team developed a way to help students with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) stay focused while studying. ABSORB – Activity, Breaks, Space, Organize, Rewards, and Bedtime was chosen. It identifies ways to enhance the study environment in order to study efficiently. When   …Continue Reading

Exxon Mobile Engineers Collaborate with Robotics Club

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Recently, two Exxon Mobile engineers spoke to the Robotics Club members about engineering and helped the students build a robot.

Robotics Team Meets Robotic Eel

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A robotic eel was the center of attention for members of St. Mary’s Dominican High School Robotics Club during a visit to University of New Orleans where they met doctoral candidate Baker Potts and staff engineer Ryan Theil, who are part of the UNO team that built a prototype of the eel, comprised of a   …Continue Reading

DominiBots – Back the ‘Bot Challenge

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The DominiBots competed at the May 10 Back the ‘Bot Challenge, held at the WWII Musuem. The competition drew 38 competing teams. The Domibots Team members are 8th graders Victoria Liu, Lizzie Odell, Nia Hudson, Maygan Miguez, and Sara Gautreaux. Crissy Giacona is Robotics Team Coach and Angel Guitroz is Assistant Coach.  

Dominibots at the Tulane Engineering Forum

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At the 2014 Tulane Engineering Forum, the Dominibots shared information about their work and research with professional engineers. The forum drew over 500 engineers from over 200 companies.  

State VEX Robotics Competition

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After a very competitive day at the State Vex Robotics Competition in Lafayette, Louisiana, the senior robotics team ranked 7th overall out of 17 finalist schools. St. Mary’s Dominican High School was the only all-girls high school in the competition. Congratulations to all the team members for their countless hours of hard work and preparation!!   …Continue Reading

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