A Place To Lead Indeed – Student Council Officers Attend State Workshop

“A Place to Lead Indeed” was the focus of the 2021 Louisiana Association of Student Councils (LASC) Senior High Workshop, attended by Student Council Executive Board Officers Vice President Khylar Christophe, Secretary Anne Carr, and Treasurer Monica Cabes. Held June 6-10 at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, the annual event offers the unique opportunity for… Read More

Councilwoman Cyndi Nguyen Shares Life Experiences and Community Service

On April 19, 1975, five-year-old Xuan “Cyndi” Nguyen’s parents took her and her siblings – her six-year-old brother and two sisters, ages five and seven, from their home in Phuoc Tinh, a rural area in Vietnam to escape from the Communist. Accompanying them were their grandparents and aunt. Forty-six years later, Mrs. Nguyen who serves… Read More

Students for Human Dignity & Diversity in Action hold Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month Luncheon

It was a serving of food from the Asian infusion restaurant, MoPho, when Students for Human Dignity & Diversity in Action observed Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month during a campus luncheon, the last special event of the year. Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month is a celebration of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States. In the… Read More

Robotics Club Welcomes FBI Guest Speakers

During a visit from two female guest speakers with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Robotics Club learned about FBI STEAM professionals who have backgrounds in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, in conjunction with Arts and Communications. The agency’s STEAM team includes biologists, chemists, cryptologist/cryptanalysts, data communications systems analysts, document analysts, electronics engineers,… Read More

Dominican Posts Wins at New Orleans Academic Games League

St. Mary’s Dominican High School students (from left) Alexandra Amato, Ashley Barron, Bakhit Cuccia, Isabelle Anderson, Elizabeth Mobley, and Camille Truxillo earned wins in Senior and Junior divisions at the 2020-2021 Propaganda Tournament held virtually by the New Orleans Academic Games League. Dominican’s Academic Games club moderators and coaches are Janis Dabney and Monica Haag…. Read More

Dominican Sophomore Shania Raimer Makes All-State Speech Team

At the Louisiana Tournament of Champions, St. Mary’s Dominican High School sophomore Shania Raimer earned a place as one of eight students on the All-State Speech Team in the Lincoln Douglas Debate. Her debate topic was, “Resolved: The United States Ought to Guarantee Universal Child Care.” This school year, all the tournaments Dominican attended have… Read More