College Tour Brings Students to Alabama Campuses

On the inaugural one day college tour, 13 juniors, five sophomores and six freshmen, accompanied by guidance counselors Suzanne Ladmirault and Dione Prince, traveled to Alabama to experience first-hand two colleges in Mobile. During visits to the University of South Alabama (USA) and Spring Hill College, the group toured the campuses and met students and faculty.


At the University of South Alabama, they visited a class that was using a METIman® Patient Simulator, similar to Dominican’s SynDaver™ that is used in human anatomy classes.


For many of the students, a college road trip was a first. Sophomore Elizabeth F. found it to be “an eye-opening experience” and hopes more are planned in the future. Junior Meghan R. called the tour, “a great opportunity that Dominican offers and everyone should try to go. I enjoyed visiting USA. I never knew about the college before this trip. Students should be open to schools they’re unfamiliar with.”


Guidance counselor Dione Prince noted that college tours are informative and a way to experience the school on site and through interaction with students and faculty. “On college tours, students learn much about the schools, but also about themselves and what they are looking for in a college.”