Juniors Receive Book Awards


St. Mary’s Dominican High School students who received Book Awards are: First row, (from left): Melissa Berner, Annie “Mackie” Smith, Caroline Troendle, Rebecca D’Antonio, Addison Hall, Sophie Ondrusek, and Abigail Webb. 2nd Row: Abigail Slattery, Caroline Bickerton, Audrey Buck, Maygan Miguez, Tia Peck, Rebecca Koenig and Nia Smith. 3rd Row: Renee Breaux, Victoria Liu, Emma Duckworth, Caroline Hensley, Halle Briede, Catherine Cabes, Cole Pittman, Kristen Larche, and Bridget Adam. Not pictured: Lillian Cerise.

Twenty-eight Book Awards from universities and colleges were presented to St. Mary’s Dominican High School juniors in recognition of academic excellence, strong character and commitment to community service.

Brandeis University – Melissa Berner; Bryn Mawr – Annie “Mackie” Smith; Chatham University – Victoria Liu; Colorado School of Mines – Caroline Troendle; Dartmouth – Rebecca D’Antonio; Denison University – Maygan Miguez; Kenyon College – Addison Hall; Mount Holyoke – Emma Duckworth; Randolph College – Sophie Ondrusek; Rensselaer Polytechnic – Abigail Webb; Sewanee Book Award for Excellence in Writing – Caroline Hensley; St. Anselm’s –  Lillian Cerise; St. Lawrence University – Halle Briede; St. Michael’s College – Abigail Slattery; Stonehill College – Catherine Cabes; Tulane University – Abigail Webb; University of Chicago – Caroline Bickerton; University of Rochester: Bausch and Lomb – Audrey Buck; Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Leaders Award – Lillian Cerise; Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology – Maygan Miguez; George Eastman Young Leaders Award – Tia Peck; Villanova – Audrey Buck; Washington College Leadership and Community Service – Cole Pittman; Washington College Academic Achievement – Kristen Larche; Washington and Lee – Rebecca Koenig; William and Mary Leadership Award – Bridget Adam; Wesleyan University – Nia Smith; Williams College – Renee Breaux.