Sophomores Reflect on What it Means to be a Daughter of God


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Recently, the sophomore class participated in their Sophomore Retreat. This day of reflection began with a talk by Sr. Tracey Matthia Dugas, a Daughter of St. Paul, on ‘What does it mean to be a daughter of God?’

Students enjoyed group talks and activities focused on discovering beauty, appreciating the gift that God created them to be, and learning how to connect with God through music and Scripture. During one group activity, students made Psalm 23 bracelets for the residents of Eden House.

Fr. Scott Daniels, O.P. joined the students and their parents for mid day Mass. At the end of the day, sophomores gathered together joyfully to share their inspirations and insights. Special thanks to all of the faculty and junior and senior group leaders who contributed to making the day a huge success.