Seniors Countdown Final Week

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April 30 through May 4, seniors celebrated their final week of class with several observances and traditions. Early in the week they wore t-shirts indicating their college choice for next fall. On Friday, their last day, seniors enjoyed snowballs during lunch, took their best aim in tossing uniforms and shoes in the recycle bin, and gathered at the flag pole for the Senior Countdown. Their “Shoe Photo” featured circles of shoes from the 183 members of the Class of 2018.

Giving a nod to their alma mater song that celebrates “Saints and sages, named enrolled,” seniors autographed a pillar inside the school’s Veritas Tower. During construction of the Veritas Tower, the Class of 2015 signed a piling before its installation beneath the tower. The alumnae directory and other symbols reflecting the school’s history are also under the tower’s base.