Students Receive Awards in National Language Exams

French Awards

Students in French I Honors, French II Honors, and French III Honors participated in the National French Contest, Le Grand Concours.

French I Honors

Silver– Sara Landry

Honorable Mention– Alexandra Amato

French II Honors

Gold – Adelaide Madary

Silver – Catalina Torres

Honorable Mention – Rebekah Haase, Rebecca Koenig, Olivia Olson, Caroline Ondrusek, Kennedy Payne, Mia Pettit, and Natalie Queyrouze.

French III Honors

Gold – Sydney Raymond

Silver – Emilie Wensel

Jessica Wallesverd received Les Prix d’Excellence de L’Union Francaise Plaque for exceptional achievement in the French language by a student who exhibits and enthusiasm for the language and culture.

National Latin Exams

Latin I

Cum Laude – Elise Detiller and Lucy Perschall

Magna Cum Laude – Olivia Cassreino

Silver Maxima Cum Laude – Ada Holmes, Elizabeth Mobley, Kaylie Nguyen, and Maeve Storm.

Gold Summa Cum Laude – Jane Bickerton, Jenna Thomas, and Jasmine Ferrier

Latin II

Cum Laude – Sophie Ross and Emily Adams

Magna Cum Laude – Emily Broussard, Anna Fayard, Lucy Hansen, Emely Hemelt, Shelby Jackson, Alysa Lagarde, and Jenna Pertuit

Silver Maxima Cum Laude – Audrey Wild

Gold Summa Cum Laude – Emily Dominique

Latin III

Cum Laude – Tessa Paul

Magna Cum Laude – Catherine Bickerton, Meagan Morici, and Irene Yu

Silver Maxima Cum Laude – Elise Bourg and Brooke Boyd

Latin Prose IV

Cum Laude – Julia Cazabon and Margaret Latham

Magna Cum Laude – Elise Cresson

Summa Cum Laude –  Rose Doskey, Anne D’Armond, and Camille Scandurro

Latin V

Magna Cum Laude – Lillian Cerise

Camille Scandurro received a book in recognition of four gold medals on the National Latin Exam.

The Classical Association of the Middle West & South (CAMWS) recognized Anne D’Armond as recipient of the CAMWS Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in Classical Studies

National Spanish Exams

Spanish I

Silver: Madeline Asacani, Caroline Blais, Betsy Cao, Erin Kramer, and Marisol Torres

Bronze: Jane Bostick, Ellen Daly, Caroline Lavie, Clare Sanders, Claire Shraberg, and Chloe Tufts

Honors: Haneen Awadallah, Mia Digiovanni, Corine Lobell, and Reilly Macicek

Spanish II       

Silver: Madison Ferguson, Sophia Forest, and Sophia Law

Bronze: Grace Hamblin and Sara Medina

Honors: Lisee Borrouso, Sophia Cao, Reese Dawson, Isabella Icamina, Alexandra Minnard, Mackenzie Paradis, and Abigail Perez

Spanish III   

Silver: Lyndsey Jones, Vivian Liu, and Paige Wilson      

Bronze: Olivia Higgins

Honors: Sophia Barros-Casanova and Zoe Hunter

Spanish AP

Gabrielle Duhe, Elena Bateman, Lorissa Gallardo, and Tai Sutherland

Sociedad Espanola, Jose Luis Banos Award was presented to Lorissa Gallardo for excellence in the Spanish Language. 

Victoria Liu received the 2018 Joseph Adams Senior Scholarship from the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (SHH), an honor society for high school students studying Spanish, for her dedication to the study of Spanish and excellent skills in the language. The $1,000 scholarship is awarded to only 60 students from over 2,400 chapters across the United States. Students become eligible by being an inducted member of SHH and then by submitting samples of their written and oral work in Spanish to a selection committee appointed by the American Association of Teaches of Spanish and Portuguese (AATPS).              

Southeastern Louisiana University 36th annual Foreign Language Festival

Sophia Barros-Casanova, First Place, Spanish Native Speaker Translation

Victoria Duhe, Third Place, Extemporaneous Speaking, Spanish I