Feast of the Assumption of Mary: Student Reflection

Celeste Schonberg ’20

Mass of the Assumption Reflection

It is hard to think about the Assumption of Mary. First, there is no story in the Bible to tell us about it. When I was asked to give this reflection, I could not exactly figure out how the Assumption relates to my life. That is when I decided that instead of relating the Assumption to me, I would focus on the peace and joy that I receive from Mary. Because of the Assumption, Mary’s presence in heaven allows us to connect with her and feel the love of her son on a deeper level.

When I was younger, my dad would always tell me to say Hail Marys and to ask Mother Mary to cradle me in her loving arms, and rock me to sleep. I never really tried it until one night I found myself awake way past my bedtime with my mind running in a million places every time I closed my eyes. Well, it turns out my dad was right. The best way to calm my thoughts was to turn to Mary and recite her prayer. Even though it seems simple, saying the Hail Mary makes me feel her holy presence, and now I find myself falling asleep feeling safe and loved by my holy mother every night.

When we think of Mary, many of us tend to dwell on her sorrows and sacrifices. An example is the Annunciation. We think about how much Mary gave up when she accepted her role as Mother of God. Instead, we should imagine Mary being filled with joy when she realizes God’s love for her. This light and happiness carried Mary through all of her sorrows. She never fails to be a perfect example of how to bring love and joy into the darkest places. God only allows evil to happen so that His goodness can spring forth from it. That is why in our struggles, we, like Mary, must find the light of Christ in order to persevere through those struggles. Mary received her title as Queen of Heaven and Earth and was crowned in the glory of her son’s life and love. This was a well-deserved, momentous occasion for the woman who brought The Way, The Truth, and The Life into the world.

Mary understood what it meant to do the will of God. We are particularly called to imitate Mary as we try to spread God’s message and carry His love to all. I know that sharing one’s faith is extremely difficult, especially in high school; however, with Mary’s help we are strengthened in the hope that God’s unending love will carry us through our hardest times. Many things throughout the day can bring us joy – laughter in the classroom, your friend sharing her cookie cake with you at lunch, or getting an A on a test you though you failed. When we learn to appreciate the little things life has to offer us, just as Mary did, our lives will be significantly happier. Our happiness is contagious and you may just be a ray of sunshine in someone else’s bad day.

In today’s reading from Revelations, Mary is described, “clothed with the sun.” This is a beautiful illustration of how we must imitate Christ in the world. As the sun radiates warmth to the earth, we too must bring the warmth of Christ’s love to the Lord’s creation. Although Mary experienced many sorrows throughout her life, she still brings joy to her children as our earthly mothers often do. My mom does this all the time when she cares for me as if I am all that matters in the world, regardless of what her day has entailed. Mary wants nothing more for God’s creation than for us to be united with her son. Mary is the perfect messenger who carries the Good News to us. She, like her son, constantly entrusts us to spread this news to the ends of the earth. Just as Mary radiated her son’s light and love, we are each called to emulate her and bring that joy into the world and shine with the fire of Christ’s love.

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