World Youth Day 2018 Student Reflection

Miriam Romero, Class of 2020

Fearless. Pope Francis chose that to be the theme for World Youth Day 2018. The focus was on being free from fear; to be fearless in society, as well as in our relationship with God. Some members of our society tell us that having a relationship with God is weird, crazy, and unusual. However, we are called to love God fearlessly because of His perfect and fearless love for us.

The keynote speaker, Paul George, emphasized to us that we must run fearlessly to our loving Father and give our whole lives to Him, because He is just waiting for us patiently. We cannot fear what our friends, family, or even what the rest of the world will think. We have to be fearless and confident in our loving God and in our relationship with Him. Only one thing can save us, but it is the one thing we are scared of running to. It is God. When we are fearful, God asks us, as He asked Adam and Eve, “Where are you?” All humans have two things in common: one is to be happy. Two is we are all imperfect. Although we can never be perfect, we can be truly happy by taking what God offers us, which will lead us to eternal and perfect happiness, instead of what the world offers us, which will lead to sin and artificial happiness.

At the Women’s Session, speaker Aimee Maclver informed us that we can be strong, fearless, and God-loving women. We were challenged to think about our identity and purpose in Christ’s love and how we can live that in our everyday life.

Just as Paul George left the 1,600 participants in World Youth Day with this question, I leave it with you – Where are you? What is your excuse? Are you ready to run to God?

Dominican students Abigayle Rainey, Hannah Cao, Hallie Matherne, and Miriam Romero at World Youth Day 2018.